Video Technological stack of Zorachka inc.
Verona is a unique software suite for the creation and optimization hardware & software products that work with media content. Verona allows you to significantly save resources on the infrastructure and reduce development costs.
Hyper Optimized Video Streaming Protocol
HOVSP streaming video protocol developed in Zorachka / Verona. It reminiscent of HLS and MPEG-DASH, but it is distinguished by its extremely low latency of live video, zero overhead and easy integration into any ecosystem.
Verona Exchange Bus System
VeBus is a technology for communicating between subsystems and servers. Handle load balancing between servers and services. Specific inter-unit communication mechanism and remote method invocation system. Work on IPC / Unix Domain Socket / tcp / udp and also can combine it.
vebus schemevebus scheme mobile
VeBusServer 1Server 2Server 3
Verona platform
Framework for fast development of high loaded video services
Verona is a framework for developing highly loaded applications for the distribution of media content and live streaming. Can scale horizontally and vertically. Includes media processing conveyor, a flexible distributed network of fast content delivery, and an efficient storage system. There is an implementation of client software for ios, android & web.