We are techies who make complicated things simple
We founded a full-cycle company that does tech, software and hardware under one roof. Our mission is to provide user-friendly solutions for smart homes
Russell Grapes
CEO & Cofounder
14 years in IT. Founded his first cash flow–positive business at age 15.
Siarhei Haiduchonak
Industrial Director & Cofounder
16 years in project management and development of mass produced hardware.
Michael Davidenia
CFO & Cofounder
Full-time MBA candidate at Imperial College Business School, London, UK.
Vladimir Perekladov
CTO & Cofounder
13 years architecting complex systems and software.
Viktoriya Kazhan
CIO of Zorachka Inc.
8 years in Business&Finance
MBA Tor Vergata, Italy
Siarhei Yasiukovich
VP of manufacturing and supply chain
More than 15 years experience in the industry
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