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We are an independent team that creates the smart home of the future based on proprietary software & hardware technologies with full respect to privacy.
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Camera Homam
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It’s all about your entire history
Meet the camera for smart home, that allows to travel on the flow of events with the full privacy. Developed with best hardware components and unique architecture under the hood, Homam* is a new evolutionary step for home surveillance and automation.Be the first to know when it is available
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Multi-user Video Surveillance System
Imagine that parents can easily watch their children in kindergarten while being at work. Errai provides perfect software solution for such cases.
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Low-level technologies for video data
Zorachka* developed and owns unique video protocol, file system and file format, that gives the best performance for video data.
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  • Zorachka Inc.
  • Zorachka LTD.
    ALPHA TOWER, Floor 1, Flat 11, Paylou Nirvana & Aipeias, 3021 Limassol, Cyprus
  • Zorachka LLC.
    Zheleznodorozhnaya 33a office 801, 220089 Minsk, Belarus
  • Public Relations
    For any media relations, please, contact our PR Executive at julia.p@zorachka.com
  • Partnership
    If you want to be our partner, we are looking forward to your emails at business@zorachka.com
  • For Investors
    Please, contact us at vc@zorachka.com, this mailbox operated directly by our CEO and CFO.
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"Zorachka" in translation from the ancient Belarusian language means the Star which shines brightly for all people.
Zorachka* wants you to be sure that
Your Stars are Always Visible
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