Homam R-VR

Face the R-VR Future

with a sequel to Homam 64GB — Homam Real Virtual Reality Camera

Homam R-VR is designed to be part of an AR/VR system and ready for the future with smart glasses. It is easy to use and doesn't require a mobile phone. All you need is your AR/VR headset, such as Oculus, and you are in the Real Virtual Reality.

Real Virtual Reality

means you can immerse yourself in any real place where Homam R-VR cameras are installed.

You can look around the sphere and even move inside the square-shaped perimeter for several steps in any direction. It feels like you're in Virtual Reality, but instead of a computer graphic, it is a materially existing place.

Homam Tech

is a collection of different solutions that unite software, hardware, and ideas.

Two Homam R-VR cameras with ToF Sensors and binocular vision build a virtual room in a real place. The Oculus headset app connects through the internet and utilizes the HOVSP video protocol to transfer VR video in real time and even archive.

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