Embedded Privacy

The idea of privacy is embedded into Homam, with all video encrypted internally on the embedded storage and access keys stored only on the user phone. The architecture places severe demands on all features in the system, from notifications to facial recognition images.
Continuous video shooting
Homam stores the video archive continuously, in both high and low quality simultaneously. It creates full-fledged moments that can be viewed even over a weak connection.
Works without Wi-Fi
Like all professional systems, Homam is fully independent and unites within it the server, network, and camera at the same time. As a result, it continues working even when the home Wi-Fi or Internet is down.
Anonymous account
At initial pairing, Homam generates encryption keys and exchanges them with the user’s phone via Bluetooth.
The user then has full access to the features without having to register an account or transfer encryption keys to Zorachka’s servers.
And it all happens in just one tap.
Motion waves with the audiogram
Faces, pets, and objects in bubbles
timeline bubblestimeline
Hyper Optimized Video Streaming Protocol
The protocol allows high-quality video to be transferred through the mobile network in real time without buffering or delay. It enables a stable connection even with a weak Wi-Fi signal. This solution also dramatically reduces the required internet bandwidth without quality loss.
This video was shot on Homam 64GB
Multi-IP system
A unique network system that looks for the shortest path between the phone and Homam to connect them directly to the local network.