HomeKit Weekly: Homam takes the crown for high-end HomeKit Secure Video camera options

HomeKit Weekly: Homam takes the crown for high-end HomeKit Secure Video camera options

December 10, by

The Homam app is fantastic, and I think Apple could copy its UI for the HomeKit Video rewind process. The app also contains several modes: view, nanny, guard, and more. All these modes extend the camera’s usefulness. However, many of these modes can only be accessed using the Homam app versus just the Home app.

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15th Anniversary Global Family Office Investment Summit

15th Anniversary Global Family Office Investment Summit

June 30, by

We had the honor to be invited as speakers to 15th Anniversary Global Family Office Investment Summit held in Monaco on 30 June–2 July 2021. At the summit, our CEO Russell Grapes talked about Homam 64GB (the product proposed to you) and announced our upcoming product, Homam R-VR (new age of virtual reality device), and our Chief Investment Officer Viktoriya Kazhan presented the investment provisions. See the full press release at

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Interview with Russell Grapes

Interview with Russell Grapes, CEO at Video Streaming Company: Zorachka Inc

January 29, by Techround

We founded the company in 2016, after four years of R&D in the video streaming niche. Our first project is Errai – a multi-user video surveillance system under which we started to develop our video tech, which we called Verona.

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The Home Camera

Homam - The Home Camera with New Tech, Fresh Ideas, and No Monthly Fee; What Brings The Young Company Zorachka to the Market

Oct. 27, by Techround

Zorachka, the fresh company in the smart home niche, has rolled out Homam, a feature-rich home camera with embedded storage (no monthly fee), own video tech, and easy-to-use software. Homam is a challenger to all existing players on the market in terms of privacy and user approach.

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Tactics For Acquiring

3 Tactics For Acquiring Sales During Uncertain Times

Jul 30, by Forbes

E-commerce has always been key to growing small and medium sized businesses. But it’s now urgent considering the devastating economic effects of coronavirus. In the new business climate, online revenue can mean the difference between staying afloat or folding.

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Protecting your data

Protecting your data in the age of smart homes

March 11, by

Your data is under siege at home, do something about it. In today's connected world of IoT, there is a clear trend of transferring as much user data as possible onto the cloud.

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Smart home security

Smart home security: Why cloud isn’t always the answer

by Compare the cloud

With 25 billion connected things predicted to be in use globally before 2021 (according to Gartner), the issue of securing the data that comes from these devices is an important one, especially as organisations increasingly migrate user data to the cloud.

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What Does The Future

What Does The Future Of The Smart Home Look Like?

Jun 26, by CEO Today

You likely have several ‘smart’ products in your home already, potentially in the office, and perhaps in your car.

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Network – not an obvious problem that hinders today’s smart home development

March 6, IOT NOW

Spoiler: GSM networks will slowly replace Wi-Fi. I have personal experience of living in one of the most modern smart homes, says Ruslan Vinahradau, CEO of Zorachka Inc., or more accurately ‘smart apartment’, in which there are more than 60 devices for controlling lighting, heated floors, locks, air conditioning and more.

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