Verona Media Storage
The Media Storage system is a complex of storage of video archives and high-speed indexes. In addition to the media, the storage can contain data analytics, image previews, metadata, as well as subtitles and annotations. With VeBus technology, storage can be distributed geographically or localy for faster delivery of content. Indexes specially designed for storing video broadcasts and accelerate the search of video, at the rest reducing the number of hits to the disk. The algorithmic complexity of the search is O(1).
Verona Index Storage

VIS is a technology for storage and fast access to the video on demand (VOD).

The complexity of the search algorithm is O(1), that is extrimly fast. It's stores collected video analytics data, timestamps and video clips, which allows to perform instant search in a vast array of data.

For example it takes less than one second to search for required video clip in a 5 year archive.

index storage
Verona Сircular Index File System
usual fsUSUAL

VCIFS is a file system for block devices. It is lika an expansion of the VIS idea in the form of file system.

VCIFS eliminates fragmentation and reduces wearout of the hard disk head. Also it instantly provides a large number of users with an access to video archive and resistant to physical damage of the carrier.