Hyper Optimized Video Streaming Protocol
HOVSP streaming video protocol developed in Zorachka / Verona. It reminiscent of HLS and MPEG-DASH, but it is distinguished by its extremely low latency of live video, zero overhead and easy integration into any ecosystem.
Low Overhead
  • Caching of metadata frames with subsequent full recovery in demuxer
  • Output stream has smaller size than the original raw data
Fast Startup
  • No waiting for the nearest key frame
  • No additional load on the server CPU
Streaming Efficiency
  • Hybrid protocol combining chunking and flow
  • Removes the need for Random Access, but uses segmented stream representation for efficiency
Primitive Blocks
  • Optimized caching via usage of primitive blocks and removal of duplicate metadata storage
On the Fly Modifications
  • Tracks substitution on the fly without a reconnect
Self-Described Segmentation
  • Data blocks cognizant of adjacent segments
  • Fault tolerance and recovery mechanics
Time Bound Metadata
  • Any extra metadata is tied to the presentation timestamp (PTS), which allows for its synchronization with video and audio tracks
Adaptive Quality
  • Full support for dynamic bitrates with smooth automatic switching
Efficient Muxing and Demuxing
  • Minimal usage of the CPU cycles for packaging and decompressing data
  • GPU-based decoder
Bandwidth benchmarks
HOVSP reduces the video stream size without loss of quality up to 60% (depends on comparison). Protocol allows to use instantly video analytics on any device and works on iOS, Android + Web and compatible with HTML5.
HOVSPby Verona
0,14 sec
HLSby Apple
+20%concerning «HOVSP»
10 sec
Dashby Google
+6%concerning «HOVSP»
10 sec