Multi-user Video Surveillance System
Zorachka’s first project and the only video surveillance system with multiple user access. Errai connects 20 channels and allows for up to 300 users, where competitors can only connect 3 channels and allow 2 users. Presently, the system has been implemented by SoftBank, TurkishTelecom and MTS.
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The Video Platform for streaming and storage
Zorachka’s project that provides video technologies for streaming and storage. The Verona platform allows to save up to 500% of video bandwidth without loss of quality and additional load on the equipment. Zorachka has entered into a strategic partnership with Socionext (Panasonic & Fujitsu co.) to utilise the Verona platform in the ARM area.
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We save your entire history, so you can see everything
The first product in the Smart Home line is home camera Homam. Practically the only camera that can provide high-quality video recording and playback, as well as user experience. It is fully protected against hacker attacks and CDN leaks. Homam supports GSM Network (3G/LTE) and has integrated storage that protects all data. This is one of the main devices on the way to creating a Really Smart Home. The goal is a deep integration with homeKit, as well as the introduction of neural networks and augmented reality to Smart Home.
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