Zorachka is a developer of video software solutions and hardware products on the mission to create the best Hi-Tech devices and applications for Smart Home.

We actively develop

  • video transmission
    Video transmission
  • video storage
    Video storage
  • video analytics
    Video analytics
  • neural networks
    Neural networks
  • smart home hardware
    Smart Home hardware

Our three current projects

  • Verona
    Video platform «Verona»
  • Errai
    Video surveillance «Errai»
  • Homam
    Security camera «Homam»
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The Team

  • Ruslan Vinahradau
    Ruslan Vinahradau
    CEO & Co-Founder
    12 years’ experience in IT-Business. Founded his first startup at the age of 15.
    Cisco and Hewlett Packard certified specialist in security and networks.
  • Vladimir Perekladov
    Vladimir Perekladov
    CTO & Co-Founder
    11 years’ experience in architecting of complex systems and software interaction design.
    Stood at the origins of video transmission technology via the Internet.
  • Michael Davidenia
    Michael Davidenia
    CFO & Co-Founder
    8 years’ experience in investment banking.
    Master of Business Administration (Imperial College Business School, London, UK)
  • Siarhei Haiduchonak
    Siarhei Haiduchonak
    Industrial Director
    14 years’ experience in the development and organization of development of automation systems and non-standard equipment and portable devices, from idea to batch production.
«Zorachka» in translation from the ancient Belarusian language means the Star, which shines brightly for all people.Our main products are inextricably linked to the theme of space and stars.We want you to always feel in touch with what's truly important for you.
And we want you to be sure thatYour Stars are Always Visible