We are going to challenge the field of video surveillance and show the world how to automate homes by means of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Today we actively develop such areas as

  • video transmission
    Video transmission
  • video storage
    Video storage
  • video analytics
    Video analytics
  • neural networks
    Neural networks
  • smart home hardware
    Smart Home hardware

Our three today projects

  • Verona
    Video platform "Verona"
  • Errai
    Video surveillance "Errai"
  • Homam
    Security camera "Homam"
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Our strength lies in the people with whom we work.

The team

  • Ruslan Vinahradau
    Ruslan Vinahradau
    CEO & Co-Founder
    In IT-Business since 2006
  • Vladimir Perekladov
    Vladimir Perekladov
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Creates IT-Products since 2007
  • Michael Davidenia
    Michael Davidenia
    CFO & Co-Founder
    In investment baking since 2011
  • Siarhei Haiduchonak
    Siarhei Haiduchonak
    Industrial Director
    Carries out industrial projects since 2003
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